Building from the Watershed

One of the primal attractions to building with earth is harvesting raw materials from the construction site itself. In the old days (pre-industrial revolution), that was always the
case. Soil dug from the foundation trenches or from a nearby borrow pit was either molded into sun-dried bricks…


What is Rammed Earth?

Rammed earth is a structural wall system built of natural mineral soils compacted in thin layers within sturdy formwork. The strength and durability of the wall results from the densification of a clay, sand, and gravel matrix. The mass of the wall provides superior thermal and acoustic properties.


Watershed Materials - a New Chapter in Sustainable Building

The Watershed Block is a beautiful and environmentally sustainable natural alternative to conventional concrete masonry block. Watershed Blocks are produced with a proprietary process from a blend of naturally occurring and recycled aggregates, clay minerals, ordinary cement, and pozzolanic binders. The process creates durable structural masonry blocks that reflect the character of local soils.

Watershed Materials website

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  • R WB26

    R WB26

    2-color coarse rammed earth.

  • S KK21

    S KK21

    Decomposed granite sample tablet.

  • P HR37

    P HR37

    Poured capital against pise wall.

  • R WB27

    R WB27

    Detail at corner, rammed earth.

  • R WB28

    R WB28

    Corner of curving wall, rammed earth.

  • R BL28

    R BL28

    Vines on 15-yr old rammed earth garden wall.

  • R BI25

    R BI25

    2-color stratified rammed earth.

  • S HR13

    S HR13

    Aged pise formed face.

  • P HR34

    P HR34

    Rust stains on poured exterior column.

  • R PD30

    R PD30

    Stainless signage on entry wall.

  • S HR 12

    S HR 12

    Double-shot pise

  • P HR32

    P HR32

    Lichen on poured pool coping

  • P NC35

    P NC35

    Rock pocket in sample tablet.

  • R BI29

    R BI29

    Rust stains on entry column.

  • R LV25

    R LV25

    3-color stratified rammed earth.

  • R MK27

    R MK27

    Sandblasted pise.

  • P HR39

    P HR39

    Fire-brick and coping stones.

  • R WB27

    R WB27

    Slip-plane_stratification rammed earth.

  • R HR22

    R HR22

    Rammed garden wall.

  • S MK15

    S MK15

    Pise sample tablet.